About Our Company

Hallofnames-Lion_48pxOur company Hall of Names™ is a wholly owned software licensing package developed by Swyrich Corporation. Dave Richardson, co-founder of Hall of Names in 1988, continues with Swyrich Corporation to coordinate research, product development and new markets. Since 1990, Swyrich Corporation has called Kingston, Ontario its home and has been located at 830 Development Drive since 1995.

Hall of Names™ and La Maison des Noms™ are registered trademarks of Swyrich Corporation.

The Hall of Names has been bringing to light the history of surnames from around the world since 1971. In that year, David Richardson and his family began the laborious task of manually cataloguing their research about different surnames. The result of that work was a display of pre-printed surname histories of about 144 Scottish families and their Septs in 1972. Today, the extensive library of surname histories and related products that has grown from this initial research is available to consumers in the form of high-quality computer generated parchment scrolls. Our products can be purchased from our licensed operators, by mail from our head office in Kingston, Ontario, or online from the Swyrich shopping page.

Ever since our early beginnings we have been tirelessly researching the world’s most popular surnames. Our research has expanded rapidly, and now includes the rest of the British Isles and Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, the Ukraine, with more nationalities available soon. By 1986, we had amassed histories for over 25,000 surnames. Accurate texts and registers from all over the world have been collected to make up the source library, and professional historians research from these sources at our Canadian Headquarters in Kingston, Ontario. To effectively handle such a large holding of surnames, we developed the world’s first computerized on-site retrieval system in 1987. Each history could then be printed on parchment within minutes, using a dot matrix or daisy-wheel printer. Retrieval was in seconds, but in those days the fastest printers only printed at 45 characters per second (CPS). We have continually upgraded our operating system, which is now Windows-based and quite easy to use.

The system supports just about any kind of printer, offering color and an unlimited selection of fonts! Today, our Hall of Names licensees have access to a full range of Swyrich-produced products, including Surname histories, Armorial histories, Scottish Clan Histories, First Name Scrolls, and on-site Coats of Arms. The products are packaged in our Hall of Names software, now a two-CD package. Our licensees offer our exclusive products from a variety of locations. In Britain, our Parchment Scroll histories have been sold in Westminster Abbey, Sherwood Forest, The British Royal Museum, Harrods, Debenhams, Selfridges, Blarney Woolen Mills, Jenner’s, York Minister Cathedral and fifty or so other prestigious locations.

In North America, we have had licensed outlets marketing our products at such locations as DisneyWorld, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Notre Dame University, The Queen Mary, Upper Canada Village and many more. Department stores have had our displays including: Sears Roebuck, Sears Canada, Eaton’s, The Bay, and many more. Our clients and patrons include: Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Clan Societies, judges, archbishops, professionals, entertainers and many leading historians and genealogists. Authenticity is our namesake with research continuing all the time. We feel we offer the largest, most accurate, and most appealing line of products of this kind. Our graphic images are carefully researched and crafted, and the quality and authenticity of our histories is guaranteed. We have a commitment to quality and service that our licensees appreciate!