How can I get more information?

Call our toll free number (1-800-265-7099) or E-mail Us! We will send you a complete package regarding our system.

What is “Hall of Names”?


Hall of Names is the name of our data-base, or collection of history and heraldry products. These products are produced by our parent company Swyrich Corporation, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and are sold by Hall of Names licensees at locations of their choice. Each Hall of Names licensee is an independent owner of their own business.

Founded in 1972, we started as a family business, and have grown to be truly international in scope. Hall of Names® and La Maison des Noms® are registered trade marks of Swyrich Corporation.

Where do you get your information?


From the most respected source books available. After twenty-five years we have managed to acquire a relatively large collection of historical reference materials, and we are constantly adding to our collection. We have a partial Bibliography which you may view at your leisure.

What information does a history contain?


The history begins with the earliest record of the surname and then follows the family as it branched through the Old Country and subsequently through the New World. The history lists the names of the earliest settlers as they migrated to North America, modern notables of the family name and variations in spelling.

What is a “Hall of Names System”?


This refers to the computer software, which contains all the data, searches quickly and efficiently, prints out the surname Coat of Arms and/or ancient history, and keeps track of inventory and accounting, all at the touch of a few keys, in seconds. The Hall of Names by Swyrich software, a home computer and color printer, plus a license from us is all you need to begin a business of your own in the Heraldic market.

Where can I sell Hall of Names products?


The short answer: anywhere you want! We don’t feel it is our place to restrict licensees. Successful temporary and permanent locations have included: mall kiosks, highland games, historical attractions, and within gift shops.

What kind of revenues can I expect?


This, of course depends entirely on your commitment to selling the products. All we can say here is that our profit margins are very good! Talk to our Licensee Manager for more information.