Ivanhoe Blackout Pending Indicator

How to Fix – Call Support Immediately

When a “Blackout Pending” occurs, you will get a grace period in which to fix the issue – contact support as soon as possible when that happens.

You have a limited time to contact software.licensing@swyrich.com, who will need to repair your system for you with a unique Build for your Software and Dongle. This repair is done via our Remote Support Services. A fix takes about 5 minutes (though the time taken depends on your internet connection speed).

Ivanhoe Blackout Pending Indicator

Ivanhoe SP1 Update 2.2 added an Ivanhoe Blackout Pending indicator.Bug Help - Ivanhoe Blackout Pending - 2.2 Update

Occasionally, at festivals or shows, Licensees would lose computer power, causing a shutdown of the computer without cleanly closing the Ivanhoe program.  Such a shutdown may potentially affect your program data and or cause the program to freeze upon the next start up.

In older programs, such as Hall of Names 8, there is no such visual indicator.