Ivanhoe Final Release

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Hall of Names Ivanhoe Final Release is now available for download from our support site.  This new version cannot be installed over an older Hall of Names software release. In those cases, the old software should be uninstalled first. For those licensees using Ivanhoe RC1, you can either upgrade to Final by doing an in-program update, or you can use the Final Release full installer.

The new Hall of Names Ivanhoe Look

  • Facelift to main screen
  • New dialog graphics that are theme based
  • Top Menu Bar revamped – All Products under one Drop Down
  • Background screen is faded when another dialog is in use to lessen confusion as to which dialog is in focus
  • New scroll panel that shows product by category to help novice users
  • Help buttons are moved out of the way – now at the top of the dialog
  • Sharp new graphics throughout the program

Features that are Removed or Changed in Hall of Names Ivanhoe

  • Inventory Control Removed
    • We felt it necessary to make Ivanhoe easier for everyone to use, this information was rarely used and in some cases caused confusion. By removing the Inventory and adding a new Option for the Product Pricing you can still publish accurate Sales Reports.
  • Text Description Query and Results Removed
    • This text information screen was a legacy from the DOS version when computers were very, very slow. Words are boring. Now we have pictures! Colour ones too! Just Order whatever product the customer may be interested in and start selling the great features!
  • Epson Templates Changed
    • These templates were created to help with the fact Epson used a shorter 11×17 or 8.5×11 page than other printers. Now a days, this bug is shared by many other printers, so we renamed it “Short Templates.” And no, you don’t need to rename your printer name anymore. The feature gives a larger margin on the bottom of the page but ensures the software knows to keep it to one page.
  • Reports Changed
    • We have now made the Reports on the software password protected, this was as per requests via the survey. More and more Managers/Owners of the software would like to ensure they have control over what is visible to other users of the software, for example a sub-licensee in a permanent location with a floating manager between two or more areas.
  • Printable Indexes Updated
    • All indexes have been redone with new graphics, font changes and a better layout. Ver 8 had errors for some letters (table duplications and run-over of text.) Again this information is included on the DVD.

Features Added to Hall of Names Ivanhoe

  • Program is delivered by DVD or by download. The program now requires about 3 GIG of space, whereas version 8 only required 1.8 GIG
  • 32 and 64 Bit Compatible
  • Access to newer print drivers and help in troubleshooting print driver issues using our Printer Details application that is automatically installed with Ivanhoe.
  • Internet Connection Preferred to allow for other added features
    • With the changes to the OS and faster networks, we are taking advantage of this; the idea is that when you have an error on your software, a connection will be made with us at head office and the error and how it occurred will be uploaded into our system so we can find a fix/resolve the error faster. Also in turn if you have Surnames Not Found, these will automatically be loaded to our research group. No Internet? No worries, data is stored locally and uploaded when you do have Internet connected and the software opened. So, if you are off-line most of the time, be sure to connect whenever you can so that you can upload this data to us and get the opportunity to download important updates.
  • Source Tray for Multi-tray printers
  • New Fast Key
  • “Beefed Up” Content
    • It’s safe to say that all histories have been edited, spell checked or changed in some fashion since the last release. Some histories are almost twice the size of version 8 but thanks to our new font ratcheting routine, they all magically fit on the sheet of paper. Content is now Surname based. Settler and Notables are now listed in order by Surname requested, followed by variants. And, this information is regionally based on your local region with Settlers and Notables from in your local area listed first.
  • Notables: including 20,082 from 2013
  • Edits: Including 141,384 from 2013
  • 10,403 redrawn COA’s in 2013
    • COA graphics have been in many cases completely redrawn from scratch using modern graphic tools to produce clearer sharper images that are appealing to the operator and customer alike. In past builds, hard drive space was a concern, but now, thanks to larger hard drives, quality is the first priority rather than hard drive space. Thanks to our vast clipart collection and our ongoing additions to our clipart library, the new graphics are exciting and clear on all sizes and products whether they are printed on an Armorial or a keychain.
  • Live Update Ability
    • We are constantly adding to the database, previously these updates would have been distributed to licensees using the CDs. This was proving harder and harder to ensure the most recent information was available. With the new Internet Connectivity feature this information will now be available on a regular monthly basis via local downloadable Updates, right to your desktop.
    • At least once a month, we will be publishing an update. That will include: program bug fixes and database additions, corrections, new designs, new names – everything! These updates will only happen when you wish them to. This in turn will mean no more CD’s – all updates will be over the web!
  • Region Selection
    • Previously we sent the CD based on your region i.e. USA received an American Disc with settings for USA only. As most licensees now use various paper sizes like A3 in USA or 11×17 in UK this was no longer required. Also with the tourist trade your purchaser could be from Australia in USA or UK they would want an item that relates to them from Australia. You can now tailor the information to pull the correct settlers/convicts lists making the product even more custom.
    • Wherever possible, Settler and Notables will be listed with your Region first, followed by other Regions
    • In other words, if your Region is Oceana, your local Notables and Settlers will appear first in the history followed by other regions
  • New Installer now automatically uninstalls the previous version, installs the new version and updates Dongle drivers if needed in one process.

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