Set HP 7000 Series Printer Settings

Recommended HP 7000 Series Printer Settings

  • A3 or 11×17 (Tabloid), Small Margin
  • Print with Borders
  • Plain Paper

These settings worked for Armorial & Clan.

We still found that the Sept was adding a larger gap, possibly because the Sept needs to use Short Template within Ivanhoe – more testing is required.  When testing is completed, an article update will be provided.

Printer Issue

Two UK Licensees had issues with a HP 7100 and 7110 Series printer, where the bottom of a product footer was not fully printed when using settings A3 and Plain paper.Ivanhoe and HP Printers

Without the ability to see the finished print remotely, we decided to try it here at the company office. Canada does not have the 7110 or 7100 printer models, so we sourced a 7110 HP Deskjet from the USA to do some testing.

Our findings are:

  • The normal selection for A3, 11×17 (Tabloid on USA system), with settings under preferences as Plain Paper and Print with Borders, does cut the footer off, slightly, at the bottom.
  • Changing settings to Print with No borders (your HP will want Photo Paper, and it will not allow you to select Plain Paper) also cuts the footer.