Ivanhoe SP1 Upgrade 9.0.085

Yes we promised no updates this month, but this one couldn’t wait.

 Last week two users reported Smith, with Australian convicts was running onto 2 pages. And another reported some Armorials had different font sizes in the text. Both situations had the same cause – the histories were too long for the automatic font reduction feature. After two days of diagnostics, we found the problem – one variable in one line of code. Typical in the coding world – so much work for such a small change.

Clan Montgomery was an issue. The new image we uploaded with Ivanhoe was faulty, so rather than send each of you a “quick patch” of say 60MB, we decided that as it’s one of our less popular products, we will give you a warning message until we can get SP2 available. Sorry for the workaround.

Finally corrected the “liter” issue. This bug has been around for some time and it took us some time to identify it. The cause: the automatic English correction from the American spelling “litre” caused us to misspell the word “literate.”  

 And while we were at it, we added more code to improve stability issues on all platforms.  Good selling!

Time Required: 5 minutes