Research and software development is all done under one roof, this ensures total support of every licensee whether the location is at Sauchiehall Street in Edinburgh, Scotland or in Sydney, Australia. We currently have over 325 outlets up and running worldwide, so support can quickly become a major issue if the Support Team and Software Specialists are not the best.

Experience has shown that Hall of Names throughout the world we have the most reliable system.


Sometimes its just easier to see the problem rather than explain it. That’s why we have licensed TeamViewer™ for use by all licensees. TeamViewer allows our support team to access licensee’s computers and allow file transfers to their remote systems. Diagnostics and solutions are much easier and faster. At all times this support tool is used with explicit consent of the licensee.  


Our sales training manuals are provided for each new licensee to help with continual licensee support, these guides take you step by step through your new license – from recruiting staff to annual plans.  These guides include management guidelines, sales tips from our successful licensees, suggested scripts, booking management and much more. There are pages of comfortable well-organized tutorials designed for the beginner, site manager, and license holder.  This eManual will assist everyone from novice trainee to expert operator, “We can never stop learning.”


Most first-time licensees can print their first product in minutes such is our licensee support. The Hall of Names software is designed for ease of use and fast access. But all systems come complete with our Licensee Support eHelp Guide that takes the user through each step of the Hall of Names program showing in most cases, a picture of the screen for each step. What could be easier for the first time user and expert alike?


If you are one of the few people who don’t have an email address, you better get one the majority of our licensee support is done via email!  We provide bulletins, sales tips, invoices, shipping details or email just to see how they are doing.  And because of the numerous time zones, most licensees communicate by email with us too.  But it’s always nice to hear people’s voice every now and again – call us whenever you want.

Licensee Support Staff - Hall of Names


Each licensee receives our Swyrich News with each update.  Included with each Swyrich Newsletter are Sales tools, product information, update notes, sales contests, sales reviews, and much more.

Signs, marketing aids and all other materials are provided on a cost plus basis and all licensees are welcome to source advertising materials or any supplies locally.


All licensees are assigned a login for this secure site.  If you are getting low and want to refresh your system with more credits, just log into this site to refresh your systems 24 hours a day. This site also provides a wide variety of reports and performance graphs.  Over 98% of our licensees refresh their systems themselves using this site.


Got a question about the software? Or want to catch up on any previous details.

Check out our support page on the website, these include how too informative notes too release information.


All licensees automatically receive updates periodically, major updates usually occur once a year.  These updates include more histories, corrections or additions to existing histories and improvements to the computer software. Updates are easy to install and usually take minutes to complete.

The goal is to provide our partners with the widest and most flexible range of services possible. This will be an ever continuing and ever changing range of services, thanks in part to the innovative ideas forwarded by our Licensees.


Despite the incredible size of our surname database and the increases in surnames and nationalities, there are still names that we don’t have on file.  This is the result of true surname research, some names no one can find.  We don’t know where they come from – nobody does but we think that we have the best chance of finding a surname through our extensive research library.

North American demographics have changed drastically over the past 25 years.  Hence our introduction of Spanish, Jewish, Chinese, Ukrainian, German, Scandinavian, Polish and Italian surnames. This commitment to research is critical for our licensees to be able to continue with strong sales.