Product Acceptance
Our product acceptance is so good people return for more.

Product acceptance in the market place shows how well received our products are.

You just need to look at our customer demographics to see it is not a niche market as it may have been many years ago, with the increase of family research on the internet a broader customer base has been built which in turn has reinforced our product acceptance.

For instance traditionally personalized products suffer the highest returns and this causes great concerns for most retailers, not so with our products. In fact, many times the returns are so low that they are difficult to calculate; this shows our product acceptance is one of the highest you will find.

Our returns are typically less than 0.08% for all our products including sublimation. For the Coats of Arms industry, this is simply unheard of, industry refunds are usually in the 20-30% range because artwork is so inconsistent particularly at Christmas time.

We know of no other products that have such a low return rate, so low that one major retailer has waived their holdback clause for anticipated refunds.