Wherever our products are displayed, crowds tend to gather this shows that our product appeal is second to none.

product appeal
One of our products being presented in the UK.

The interest in one’s family tree is universal and while our products don’t provide a personal genealogy, they do give a “thumbnail sketch” of their surname that sometimes assists people tracing their family. We have often been told that our product was someone’s first step into the exciting world of genealogy.  Our product can also be customized for your customer by adding a family member as a notable, we often get requests to add these to our database too.

Product appeal is not categorised in one area, our products appeal to all ages, all genders for gifts or keep sakes at all times of the year. True, our products used to be especially appealing to the over 50 crowd but we are finding this has changed in the last few years and with the very reasonable pricing of our products, they are perfect for anyone who has limited purchasing power but would like to give a very special, yet personal gift.