In 1999, we released our database of Surname Histories matched with a Coat of Arms called an “Armorial History”  these Armorial Histories show the Coat of Arms ‘supported’ on either side by origin specific border graphics. All the graphics are printed by your ink-jet or color laser printer… use any paper you want!!

Armorial Histories
An example print Armorial History.


Armorial histories typically show a country specific watermark for the origin of any given name – Welsh dragon for Welsh names, Map of Scotland or the Scottish Lion for Scottish names and so on. However, you may use your own custom watermark(s) for say, your site’s location or historic site. Customers can even choose their own watermark! For example, if your customer is from another country that just happens to be visiting the area, put their country’s watermark on their print.

Regional Customization

Customers typically prefer to see local notables, settlers and content in their Armorial product. Thanks to the fact that we have so much data in our dbase, you can customize your print to include local content first, followed by other country’s. One of the best examples is our extensive Australian dbase with over 60,000 settlers making each print unique to them.

Gold Embossed Seal

We typically add an imprinted gold seal and ribbon to this product. This feature adds a personal touch to the products and “seals” the authenticity. No time to put a seal on? Add you own custom image or use one of our stock images provided in our software.

Custom printed Footer

Repeat orders are essential to good sales, want your own toll-free number, email address or web site included at the bottom of each product printed? No problem, this has that ability built in option that takes seconds to set up, we even prompt you upon your first installation.