Why Offer Our Bibliography

Yet another exclusive feature with Hall of Names, to our knowledge no one else offers their research information.  This is what helps show our and your customers the authenticity of the research done here in Canada.  Because the research is so unique and specialized, people often ask “Where did you get all this stuff?” The bibliography on the backside hints at the depth of research involved with every product we sell.

Many people believe is the strongest benefit of our product. Simply stated, our bibliography is a list of the credible reference materials used in the histories and is an excellent source for customers to do more research.

Is everything listed?

No! Not all the references are listed that would take many, many pages to properly show, but as we have always explained to our customers, these are some of the more important sources we use.  This bibliography is included in our software, we urge all our licensees to print all their Tabloid, 11×17 and A3 paper with our bibliography on the reverse as we want our customers to feel confident in our research.

 We are the only company providing such information, perhaps because our histories are so authentic.