How about 50,000 first name histories to round out the appeal of your presentation?

No, we don’t have all surnames, but yes we have the most popular ones that have been researched, there are those where this product shines with its full ethnic base that includes Arab, Greek, Native American and many more nationalities that were not feudal states at any time in history. This unique software is built right into our system, so no extra hardware is needed.

First-Name-History-Example-1This product is admittedly more of a novelty item, but is a great add-on product for people who have already bought one of our histories and for those people that have surnames that aren’t in our database. This first name base is the largest in the world and by itself is a wonderful product!

The database covers a wide ethnic background of personal names from North American Indian to Arabic. The histories are shorter than our Surname scrolls, but display nicely on many pre-printed stock 8 ½ x 11 or A4 paper. Unique variants can be added right away so the working size of the database of available names is limitless.

Note – this was a separate license in the past that sold for $1,995 but now we are including this database with every license at no extra cost.