We introduced our collection of 35,000 Scottish Clan Histories to Hall of Names in 1998 a very popular product with people that only want Scottish Histories.


Scottish Clan Histories
Scottish Clan Histories Example

Scottish Clan Histories are different to a Scottish Surname History product or a Scottish Armorial product, that are truly just Scottish History content.

These highly accurate and enjoyable histories show the full color rendition of the Clan’s or family traditional crest, in addition the Scottish Clan History also includes a summary of the Clans’ early origins, pre-anglicised name and War Cry as well as the detail of the Coats of Arms at the bottom.  Each Scottish Clan History bears a gold seal and a specific certificate number ensuring authenticity.

Printer either through Hall of Names on 11″x17″ or A3 paper, the software is that easy to use, you can even include your custom footer with Name, Toll Free Number, email or website address for repeat customers.