These are a go to for Hall of Names Licensee’s and customers a like, each history gives information about the name from the earliest records we can find, some even dating back as far as 1,100 years ago.

Surname Histories
Surname History Example

Ever since the public premiere of our Parchment Scrolls at the Toronto Eaton’s Centre store at Christmas in 1987 with the introduction of only 35,000 surname histories, research on more and more surnames has been our primary goal. We quickly realized that despite the $36,000 in sales in the 11 days before Christmas from our 40 square foot display, we still had to increase the number of surnames available.

Today, we have over 1,000,000 surname histories for people with English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, French, German, Scandinavian, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish and Chinese origins. Our French database of over 30,000 French Canadian and Cajun surnames is the only database available that permits each history to be printed in either French or English. Spanish names can be in Spanish as well. Such is our commitment to surname research!

Each surname history includes: the place of origin for the surname, variations in spelling, early movement of the surname throughout the Middle Ages, famous and infamous people from all periods of history, titles such as Knight, Baron, Earl, and Duke held by family members, movement to other countries, early settlers to the New World and a description of the ancient Coat of Arms, Crest and Motto.