Hall of Names Licensee Package New Pricing!

Exciting news! New pricing released as of 23rd April 2015, our new Hall of Names License Package pricing offers different levels of pricing for our License Package so each licensee has a choice of business opportunity level they wish.

Hall of Names 9 Ivanhoe Now Available!

The latest Ivanhoe Desktop Software Program is now available to our Licensees. This program supports desktops using Windows XP (32-bit), Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 (32-bit & 64-bit). To access Ivanhoe contact your sales representative.  Read about our latest SP1 upgrade.  For help with the product, view our support posts.

 Hall of Names Licensee Package

Hallofnames logo smallWith our Hall of Names Licensee Package and Ivanhoe Software Program, you sell Family Surname Histories, Family Crests and Coats of Arms.  A wide variety of products are supported, from printed parchment scrolls to mugs and t-shirts. Preparing a product takes just a few keystrokes.

Hall of Names is the most comprehensive Family Surname Heraldry licensing package in the industry. Our licensing agreements are custom made to fit your needs and level of commitment.

Create a family oriented business at a single location, or run a full-blown multi-site outlet. Successful business locations for Hall of Names include mall kiosks, highland games, historical attractions, and gift shops. Take a moment to read through our Hall of Names Information Package (PDF) to learn more.

Want to work full time? Part time? Its your choice. There are no quotas to meet! Start small, or jump in with both feet – Hall of Names software is available at different license levels to meet your needs.

If your interests lie in Family History, Coat of Arms, Family Crests and Heraldry, and you are looking for an interesting business opportunity, explore the Hall of Names Software program today and start your ‘retirement career.’

Hallofnames Lion ImageHallofnames.com is the exclusive supplier of the Hall of Names software. We constantly add features to the program, adjusting for new Windows operating systems as they are released. Contact our Licensee Specialist to learn about out licensing options.

For a demo of products based on Ivanhoe, visit our own on-line shopping site at houseofnames.com.

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